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The $100K Mistake

Millennials. I love ’em. They are doing everything they were taught to do, which is not necessarily the same thing their parents and grandparents were taught to do and did. I am on the edge of the Millennial cusp, and I think I have similar values (values I was taught). Do what you love. Follow your heart. Live passionately (All great advice!). Yet, our school system is not designed to nurture this. And so, most students enter college lost and many leave college still lost, still searching. Some find their way to a major and career they love that lets them live passionately, but most do not. Most leave college still searching (around 2/3 of them!), with either themselves or their parents racking up a very large bill in the process. It is the $100K decision and 66% of the time it is the $100K fail. (The average I calculated for tuition costs over 4-years was $87,613 not including room and board, books, and all the rest … if you look at the highs, you can reach well over $200K in 4-years easily)

So, what can you do?

(You guessed it, I have your solution…)

My Architect Program is designed to help students discover their path in life and prevent parents and students from making this $100K mistake. I want my students to KNOW what they love and how they might be able to make various careers from their passions before they get to college. I want the experience of college to be a place where my students have access to everything they could ever need or want to jumpstart their dreams and careers. It should be a time to create as much as a time to learn and grow. College shouldn’t be the place where we search for a career; it should be the place where we begin making things happen.

We want this:

Not this:


My students can start getting their answers right now with The Architect Program.

If you have any questions about The Architect Program or Coaching with me, please don’t hesitate to send me a message. I’m happy to help and answer questions in any way I can.

All my best,


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