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Welcome to More Than a Story, where each episode is an original short story… and a little more. At the end of each episode, I’ll talk briefly about an idea you can take away from it. Something to inspire you, or to make you think. Ideas to help us take a look at our own stories so we can make them truly wonderful.

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  • The Power of P.
    (FANTASY) – All is well on Penelope’s island, Sel, until a mysterious monster suddenly attacks the village and causes Penelope to fall unconscious. What this monster is and what it’s after, she doesn’t know. Yet, when those answers are discovered, the truth is even harder to grasp, and this journey will become the fight of Penelope’s life. Listen – Read – and Check Out the Takeaway Idea Below…

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Most Popular Episodes & Stories

Invisibile Friends

The Invisible Friends

(ADVENTURE) – Sam has a unique connection to a group of invisible friends, and they’re annoying him. He’s a senior in High School and they are trying to convince him to skip school, leave home, and go on an adventure to save a young girl; someone they say has the potential to change the world. […]

mother midnight is a horror short story written for the podcast, More Than A Story.

Mother Midnight

(Horror) – Mother Midnight comes to you in the night. She searches your mind for what you want. You’ll certainly get it, what you desired, but the price you’ll pay will leave you begging for her to stop, to leave you alone, to help you no more. There’s nothing to be afraid of, though. It’s […]

In Bloom is an original short story from the podcast, More Than A Story. It is strongly inspired by the show, Doctor Who.

In Bloom

(SCI-FI) – A planet in darkness, flower people starving from lack of sunlight, and a dark myth nearly as old as he was. John must face down against these monumental forces while reclaiming his true identity, a title and reputation he’d walked away from 118 years ago. This is a Doctor Who fan-fiction story without […]

science fiction short story.


(SCIENCE FICTION) – RICK thought he could leave it all behind, all the fighting, the war, the violence. Yet, in the peaceful and serene Sequoia National Forest, an ancient war, and a secret technology of world-ending proportions draw Rick back into a life of conflict. Soon, he’s forced to make a choice:  stand by his convictions and leave the […]

Hidden Treasures - Always Be Yourself

Hidden Treasures

(MYSTERY/DRAMA) – KATIE, upon returning from her mother’s funeral, finds a letter in the mail from her mother. In the letter is a treasure map full of riddles, but the treasure will not end up being what Katie imagines… it’ll be so much more! Enjoy this feel-good story!

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