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Original short stories for your entertainment, with original music and audio effects to add to the experience. Listen after the story to hear the takeaway idea and leave feeling optimistic, inspired, and just… great! The goal here is simple: to fill your day with something good. I hope you enjoy these stories, and I hope they fill your day with optimism, belief, joy, love, and a little fun!

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Newest Short Story

In Bloom is a science fiction short story written by Derek Henig aka The Roaming Scholar.

(SCI-FI) – A PLANET IN DARKNESS, flower people starving from lack of sunlight, and a dark myth nearly as old as he was. John must face down against these monumental forces while reclaiming his true identity, a title and reputation he’d walked away from 118 years ago. This is a Doctor Who fan-fiction story without saying “The Doctor.” All the details are altered, but also still the same. Fans of the show, or not, you’ll enjoy this adventure!  Read & Listen here.

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