About Me

Me recording “The Three-Legged Knight” really getting into character!

Hi, I’m Derek! 😜

A little “Good Place” humor for anyone who watches that show. If you don’t, just imagine you read something really funny!

Seriously, my name is Derek Henig aka The Roaming Scholar. Now, let me tell you a little about me.

My Mission

The most important choice I made in my journey, was deciding to do it my way. To be, as I like to say, the designer of my life.

From what I do and create, to what I absorb and let into my world. It’s made all the difference and that’s become my mission: to help others be the designers of their lives, and to “fill your day with something good.”

I want to be a source of entertainment, learning, and inspiration. So, in everything I release, from my more entertaining content (The Word, The Podcast) to my educational content (Design Your Life course, Tutoring), the goal and missions are the same. Help others take control of their lives and do it in an enjoyable way.

I’m a . . .






. . . and a lot more!

Some History

After graduating from college, I made the choice to leave behind my degree in Biomedical Engineering and commit to finding what I really wanted to do with my life. It was a tough choice and a tough time.

Soon after, I followed my passion for teaching to start a tutoring business called, Roaming Scholars. I ran that business for 8 years. I left it behind in 2018 to take my teaching to another level!

Although I no longer manage other tutors, I still tutor students from around the country.

Enter, THE Roaming Scholar! On top of one-on-one tutoring, I started my online course, Design Your Life: Like an Architect, to bring all I learned over the years about designing my life to others.

more than a story podcast created by Derek r Henig aka The Roaming Scholar

It’s been an amazing experience to help others find their purpose, passions, and help put them into action to create fulfilling lives.

At the same time, I started my podcast, More Than A Story. The goal of the podcast was to combine my passion for writing and music with my passion for teaching and inspiring. The result? You’ll just have to take a listen! I think I nailed it, though!

Questions for me? About me? Ask away!