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Today is episode 4 of season 2 and the continuation of my journey towards writing my first novel. 

At the bottom of this blog post are the next 4 or 5 chapters for you all to read. Just so you’re aware, the writing I release is mostly unedited. When I write, I like to write it all down and then go back later to fix and edit. So, just keep that in mind and don’t judge any grammar errors too harshly. If you want the first few chapters of the novel, check out the previous episode/post. 

Now, this whole thing started for a few reasons, and one of them, which you might remember from episode 1, is Continue reading SHOW AND TELL

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What does a creative endeavor, a flower, and a pregnancy have in common? Sounds like there’s a joke in there, but seriously, that’s what today’s episode is going to connect.

By the end of this post, you’ll know… Also, at the end, I’m going to leave you the first 4 chapters… 20 pages or so… of my novel!

They say, as an artist, to never share a work in progress. Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to do because the whole point of this journey and of this Podcast, and blog, is to show you the progression of things. The progression of chasing a dream, writing a novel, and the progression of my writing itself. There’s a bunch of things I’ll be editing and changing in those first 20 pages, but the ideas are still there to make the read a good one…. hopefully.  Continue reading ALL IN TIME

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Hello and Welcome to the Roaming Scholar Podcast

My name is Derek and I am The Roaming Scholar. 

Today is Episode 2 in Season 2, and I suggest that if you haven’t listened to episode 1 of Season 2, AN INVITATION, to start there. 

Last I left off, I was going on a journey to write my first novel and I promised to take you along for the ride. Today, I want to update you on the journey and also share two important lessons I’ve incorporated that can apply to any idea, any project, that you yourself might be working on. Including, your life as a whole, which is its own creative project. 

Also, remember, you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook to get more frequent updates on this journey I’m on. Just search, The Roaming Scholar. 

Now, let’s get to it…  Continue reading THE CORNER

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Today, I want to say, Welcome to Season 2!

Wait, what? Derek, I didn’t even know we were doing Seasons here? Did I miss something?

No, you didn’t miss anything. Let me explain.

I’ve approached this journey with this Podcast with the attitude of “why not?” I loved the idea (and still do), so why the hell not, right? And also because I have this endless desire to create and always with the hope that what I create can inspire someone else to take that leap to bring their own ideas and dreams into reality.

So, it’s along that vein, that I decided to take this little detour and do something a bit different over the next month or so. Because, why not?

Today, I want to extend to you an invitation, to go on a little journey with me as I write my first novel.

Continue reading AN INVITATION

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An Exercise in Dreaming

How can we dream bigger? The key is to leave behind any beliefs that something isn’t possible; to put aside the practical and reasonable; put aside the logical and just dream. The very nature of our dreams is to be playful and at times extremely unrealistic. That’s what dreams are. If we are cutting in with thoughts of logic and practicality we are no longer dreaming fully. So, here’s a little something you can do to dream BIG and uncover some of the things you may want in your life that you might be holding back from chasing due to fears or your beliefs that it might not be possible. Let’s do this!

Continue reading An Exercise in Dreaming