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I’ve been a professional tutor for close to 12 years now. I focus on High School, and Early College Math & Science.

I also have an e-book about my system for Life Design. A step-by-step guide for planning a life you’ll love. It’s been my own personal guide for 10 years, and it’s led me on a fantastic journey so far!


Through my blog, I like to explore new ideas and perspectives surrounding a range of topics. Mostly, I speak about education, the systems in place there, as well as ideas around Life Design.

To be a Teacher, you have to be a learner, and I am always looking for the other side of things. How else can we look at this? Along the way, I think I stumble upon some unique ideas.


I'm a writer and a lot more too! I'm here to fill your day with something good! Entertainment, Inspiration, and some Education.

Check out my Podcast of original short stories, More Than A Story.

Or, if you’re looking for a quicker read, check out The Word, where I take a word of the day and create a flash fiction story in under an hour.

Then, have a listen to some music I wrote, and stay tuned for some more creations to come!

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