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Purpose: Your Compass in Life

Why is it so important to know?

In the first part of Design Your Life: Like an Architect, we talk about our Purpose. The reason? Because the first thing we need to understand when designing or planning anything is… why are we doing it in the first place? 

Imagine you just designed the tallest building in the World. It’s going to be beautiful. Magnificent! Then, you look at why you were commissioned to design this building. It says something like, “We need a building that can house a family of 6 people.” Crap! No matter how much you try to pitch your design, the tallest building in the World is a bit overkill for a family of 6! It just doesn’t make sense.

The same goes for our life. If we don’t have an idea of what our purpose is, we could be designing a great life, a beautiful life… but if it’s a life that doesn’t fit with who we are, it’s just never going to feel right.

The Compass

Knowing my purpose, or even just aiming to figure out my purpose, has made the biggest difference in my overall happiness level, and it will do the same for you. Why? Because it removes a great amount of the pressure and anxiety to “have it all figured out.” As long as I’m doing something that aligns with my purpose, and as long as I keep fine-tuning that purpose, I have the satisfaction of knowing that I’m heading in the right direction. Always. 

Knowing our, “why?” becomes this internal compass directing us through all the big and small choices in our life. 

Discover Your Purpose

design your life: like an architect is a DIY coursebook to help anyone discover their direction in life. From choosing a college major, to a new career path, this coursebook will help you figure it out! It covers, purpose, desires, interests, careers, and taking action!

Download Design Your Life: Like an Architect, and when you finish the exercises in Part I, you’re going to have a great idea of what your purpose is. In time, you’ll fine-tune that definition. Either way, wherever you start, however specific your definition comes out, it’ll guide you forward and you’ll know you’re heading in the right direction. 

Need more convincing? Visit Design Your Life: Like an Architect, or check out my next post on what Part 2 is all about!

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