Design Your Life: Like an Architect

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This book teaches a process for discovering the things you want in life, and how to get it. No one can give you the answers to what your life will be in the future, but this book will get you heading down the path you truly desire. As you experience more of life, this course, and this process, will be there with you to fine-tune your journey every step of the way. It’s not about having one answer, but having a tool to give you the answers whenever you need them.

In Design Your Life:  Like an Architect, you’ll have exercises, instructions, tips, and space within the book to work on the exercises.
The Archives (included in the book at the end of each Part) include additional resources to help you through the exercises if you’re stuck.

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2 reviews for Design Your Life: Like an Architect

  1. Don H. (verified owner)

    Amazing! Clear and I’d have to say: easy. Derek walked me through everything step by step and helped me see things i never even realized about myself. In the end I was clear and had my focus and excitement back about my new direction. This is not a “throw everything out” type deal, it’s more like helping you find what works for you and then dig deeper – it’s fun and rewarding – can’t thank you enough!

  2. Brian (verified owner)

    Incredible! There’s so much detail packed into the course-book, and even more in the emails, yet it was also easily manageable. Derek was awesome and answered all my emails quickly and was just really friendly and patient. Got my graduation gift from Derek, which was like a Part 6 to the course, and the Graduates only monthly email has been fantastic. Keeps me on track, and thinking about everything I did in the course. Thanks Derek! My new career direction is going really well, and I know it would have taken me years to get here without this course.

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