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Interests: The Play of Life

Let’s Imagine

Ok, let’s step back into our imagination. We are an Architect. We’ve outlined the purpose of our design, and all the details we want to include in it. It’s really starting to take shape in our mind, but now we need to start considering how we’re going to put it all together into one design. The first part of that answer is just knowing what tools we have at our disposal to work with. For our life:  What interests us? Notice, I didn’t say, “What are we good at?” 

If we focus our future on our skills alone, we’ll be missing out. Because skills don’t necessarily translate to interests, and skills are easy enough to acquire and improve. So, we don’t want to focus on what we’re good at, but what we would love to always get better at. A subtle, but important difference! 

The Play

Can I brag for a second? I’m going to do it anyway because I’m awesome… 😜

I’ve found myself to be capable of pretty much anything. From math and science to music and art, to sports. I’m pretty damn talented. Lucky me, I know! Yet, in school, there was one subject that would hold me up. Reading and writing. And so, I placed less attention to that when considering my future. In fact, it wasn’t a consideration at all. But I love stories! I am a major dreamer. When I eventually placed my attention towards all of my interests, writing became a big part of my life, and now one of the biggest!

Our interests add that bit of playfulness into our lives and we want life to be a playground. Free to explore, free to find new things to try and fall in love with. That’s what happens when we plan our life around our interests. It’s amazing! 

Design Around Your Interests!

design your life: like an architect is a DIY coursebook to help anyone discover their direction in life. From choosing a college major, to a new career path, this coursebook will help you figure it out! It covers, purpose, desires, interests, careers, and taking action!

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Need more convincing? Really? Seriously? Ok… Visit Design Your Life: Like an Architect page, or check out my next post on what Part 4 is all about!

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