Fantasy Horror Mystery Short Stories

Mother Midnight

(Horror) – Mother Midnight comes to you in the night. She searches your mind for what you want. You’ll certainly get it, what you desired, but the price you’ll pay will leave you begging for her to stop, to leave you alone, to help you no more. There’s nothing to be afraid of, though. It’s just a kid’s cautionary tale. A message to be careful what you wish for, and to take responsibility for what goes wrong in your life. It’s just a cautionary tale…

Fantasy Horror Short Stories

The Devil’s Tri-Tone

(SCARY) – EMBER tells us the story of his journey, “through Hell and back.” He asks us one thing, and that’s to simply reserve our judgment until the end. After all, he knows how insane it all sounds to start! But, by the time you reach the end, you’ll understand more clearly. It’s time to turn off the lights. Light a candle if you’re scared, and dive into, “The Devil’s Tri-Tone.”