Fantasy Mystery Short Stories Takeaway Idea (From Story)

The Power of P.

(FANTASY) – All is well on Penelope’s island, Sel, until a mysterious monster suddenly attacks the village and causes Penelope to fall unconscious. What this monster is and what it’s after, she doesn’t know. Yet, when those answers are discovered, the truth is even harder to grasp, and this journey will become the fight of Penelope’s life.

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Comedy Fantasy Short Stories


(COMEDY/FANTASY) – THE THREE-LEGGED KNIGHT returns for another adventure! After saving a young man named Stenly, the two join forces with a mysterious woman, Blair, to vanquish a dark witch who plagues the area. They must acquire three ancient artifacts to assemble a powerful magical staff, but along the way, the darkness finds them. 

Mystery Science Fiction Short Stories


(MYSTERY/SCI-FI) – DETECTIVE NATE ORION was told the scene would be unlike anything he’d ever witnessed before. Rookies–he thought. Yet, when he arrives, he’s forced to agree. Orion’s investigation leads to a disgraced Professor and his former TA, Emilia Eaves. Together, Orion and Eaves try to track down Professor Müller, because the one thing they are both sure of, is that Müller will strike again…

Science Fiction Short Stories


(SCIENCE FICTION) – RICK thought he could leave it all behind, all the fighting, the war, the violence. Yet, in the peaceful and serene Sequoia National Forest, an ancient war, and a secret technology of world-ending proportions draw Rick back into a life of conflict. Soon, he’s forced to make a choice:  stand by his convictions and leave the fate of the universe to chance, or do the thing he swore to never to do again–kill in the name of saving life.

Drama Mystery Short Stories

Hidden Treasures

(MYSTERY/DRAMA) – KATIE, upon returning from her mother’s funeral, finds a letter in the mail from her mother. In the letter is a treasure map full of riddles, but the treasure will not end up being what Katie imagines… it’ll be so much more! Enjoy this feel-good story!