Fantasy Horror Mystery Short Stories

Mother Midnight

(Horror) – Mother Midnight comes to you in the night. She searches your mind for what you want. You’ll certainly get it, what you desired, but the price you’ll pay will leave you begging for her to stop, to leave you alone, to help you no more. There’s nothing to be afraid of, though. It’s just a kid’s cautionary tale. A message to be careful what you wish for, and to take responsibility for what goes wrong in your life. It’s just a cautionary tale…

Mystery Short Stories

Death On An Airplane

(MYSTERY) – Samuel Price, Special Agent of the FBI, awakes while on his flight from Munich to New York, and something’s wrong. For one, the sleeping pills he took are causing him to see what’s not there. Then, there’s the fact that all the passengers around him are whispering about a murder on the plane. All he wants is to sleep, but he won’t. Will he rise to the occasion, or will his addled mind let a killer walk free?

Science Fiction Short Stories

In Bloom

(SCI-FI) – A planet in darkness, flower people starving from lack of sunlight, and a dark myth nearly as old as he was. John must face down against these monumental forces while reclaiming his true identity, a title and reputation he’d walked away from 118 years ago. This is a Doctor Who fan-fiction story without saying “The Doctor.” All the details are altered, but also still the same. Fans of the show, or not, you’ll enjoy this adventure! 

Comedy Fantasy Short Stories


(COMEDY/FANTASY) – THE THREE-LEGGED KNIGHT returns for another adventure! After saving a young man named Stenly, the two join forces with a mysterious woman, Blair, to vanquish a dark witch who plagues the area. They must acquire three ancient artifacts to assemble a powerful magical staff, but along the way, the darkness finds them. 

Mystery Science Fiction Short Stories


(MYSTERY/SCI-FI) – DETECTIVE NATE ORION was told the scene would be unlike anything he’d ever witnessed before. Rookies–he thought. Yet, when he arrives, he’s forced to agree. Orion’s investigation leads to a disgraced Professor and his former TA, Emilia Eaves. Together, Orion and Eaves try to track down Professor Müller, because the one thing they are both sure of, is that Müller will strike again…