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Purpose: Your Compass in Life

Why is it so important to know?

In the first part of Design Your Life: Like an Architect, we talk about our Purpose. The reason? Because the first thing we need to understand when designing or planning anything is… why are we doing it in the first place? 



** This really has nothing to do with clouds.

It starts with just a single molecule—or at least that’s the easiest place to start–with a molecule of H2O. Tiny, out of sight, out of touch, and out of any physical sense we can muster… except for our imagination. It starts with just that one molecule of H2O.

Mindset Takeaway Idea (From Story)

The Sheriff of The Mind

This is a further discussion of the takeaway idea from The Missing Sheriff. If you haven’t read the story, there may be “spoilers” below, but you need not have read the story to understand the ideas here. 

The story was written as one big analogy, with the idea that the town is like your mind, or your world around you, and you are the Sheriff. You control what comes into your mind, your world, and what doesn’t.

Life Design Mindset Takeaway Idea (From Story)

Just Get Started

This post is the takeaway idea from the short story, The Toy Rocket. There may be “spoilers” if you haven’t already read the story. But, you also don’t need to read the story to understand this post! Alright, here we go! 

The central message, or lesson, in this first story is to not spend forever trying to make your ideas perfect. Do not wait for the ideal pathway to open up before you. The idea is to just get started, right now. 

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The $100K Mistake

Millennials. I love ’em. They are doing everything they were taught to do–which is not necessarily the same thing their parents and grandparents were taught to do and did. I’m on the edge of the Millennial cusp, and I think I have similar values (values I was taught). Do what you love. Follow your heart. Live passionately. All great advice! Yet, our school system is not designed to nurture this. And so, most students enter college lost and many leave college still lost, and still searching.