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Keeping an Eye on the Positive

Our mind is a powerful thing. The thoughts we let in (positive or negative), the ideas we let in, and so on, have a major effect on our well-being. The example of the placebo effect can give us enough proof of that. Check out this article, or this article if you’re not sure what I mean, or want to dive deeper. Ultimately, what we believe in can influence our physical health. What we focus on can influence our success, our level of stress, and so on. It all comes down to mindset.

Blog Mindset Takeaway Idea (From Story)

The Sheriff of The Mind

This is a further discussion of the takeaway idea from The Missing Sheriff. If you haven’t read the story, there may be “spoilers” below, but you need not have read the story to understand the ideas here. 

The story was written as one big analogy, with the idea that the town is like your mind, or your world around you, and you are the Sheriff. You control what comes into your mind, your world, and what doesn’t.