Mindset Takeaway Idea (From Story)

What’s Your Power Well?

The takeaway idea from the story, Morgandundunston I think is really cool. It’s about visualizing those things that boost your power, and those things that suck it away. It’s perhaps just a different take on an idea you’ve heard before, but still, I love it. The idea popped into my head the other night before I fell asleep… 

The Power Well

Remember from the story, Blair’s sister was trapped in what she called a “power well.” It robbed her of her magical abilities and trapped her suspended in time. So, before I fell asleep, the question popped into my mind, “What is your power well, Derek?”

Huh. That’s an interesting thought—I thought. What is my power well? What is that thing, or things, that drain my power, my energy, my magic? It got me thinking, and I’m still thinking about it days later because I just love the idea.

I feel like it gives the concept more substance and “power” by making it visual. You can actually imagine these things sucking the life out you, pulling your magic away like a black hole, leaving you incapable of your true potential. Or, like Blair’s sister, leaving us trapped, suspended in time, incapable of growth or change, and ultimately powerless.

Using The Visual

Again, I find the visual of it to be the important part. We’ve all probably heard before to watch what we eat, or be careful what you read and listen to—what you absorb. Now, you can imagine that extra cookie, or that bag of chips pulling your life-blood from you. You can imagine that next Netflix binge sucking at your soul! Lol. 

It’s of courses not really that intense, but it’s a cool thing to use if you’re trying to change something. To repeat, if you’re trying to change something. Identify the drains, the power wells. They could be people, habits that we unconsciously fall back on, addictions, your own thoughts, beliefs, whatever. Find those things that you wish to change, that are dragging on your energy, and now use the visual of the power well to help you make the change. Help make those thing less desirable. 

Soon, you’ll be dazzling the world with your magical ways.

Something to Check Out

Before I go, I want to share something new that you can check out on my website. Every day I am taking a “word of the day” from various sources and I’m writing a bit of flash fiction inspired by that word.

Two goals from this. The first is for me to write every day regardless if I’m working on a short story or novel. I do it all in less than an hour and it’s a challenge to work a story in 250 words—that’s about one page double spaced if you don’t know.

The other goal is for you all to join me with your own craft. If you’re a painter, can you paint something simple in an hour inspired by the word? Can you write a musical melody, record it, and upload it in under an hour? Take your art, your craft, and join me every day on this adventure!

Either way, I hope it’s enjoyable for you to read these bits of flash fiction. I’m three weeks in now, and truly love some of the writing I’ve come out with.

Let Your Thoughts Fly!