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Change isn’t easy. We all know this from some personal experience. The deeper that things are engrained in our lives, the harder it is to nudge them around. Habits that we’ve held for years need constant awareness, focus, and effort to change them. Attempting to alter long-held traditions will be met with great resistance.

In Physics, an object’s resistance to the change of its present state of motion is called its inertia. The more mass an object has, the more inertia it has. So, a truck requires a lot of energy to inch it forward from rest, and it takes a lot of energy to bring that same truck to a stop. It is very resistant to changing its state of motion. A bicycle, however, is much easier to move around. This is Newton’s First Law of motion or the law of inertia (follow the link for a deeper explanation if you want—I tried to keep my physics talk to a minimum 😎). 

Inertia… This Way