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Welcome to The Word! Either a story beginning, a story ending, a piece of flash fiction, a poem, painting, dance move—inspired by the word, precipitate, where does it take me? Where does it take you?

[ pri-sip-i-teyt ]


  1. To hasten the occurrence of; bring about prematurely, hastily, or suddenly: to precipitate an international crisis.

Let’s Write…

** Either a story beginning, a story ending, a piece of flash fiction, a poem, painting, dance move—inspired by the word, precipitate, where does it take me? Where does it take you?

My job is… not what you would think. You humans often think of angels, guardians, and the like as saviors, but we don’t really save or protect like you’d want to believe. What we do is accelerate things.

 Sounds boring when I say it like that, but there’s a lot of work involved! It’s complicated, too, as we can’t just do anything. We’re not physical people, after all. Let me explain further. 

 I take a look at your chart, which has various data about your life and readings about your energy, your beliefs, and thoughts. Things most humans don’t even register they have control over. From there, I do some calculations about where you’re going.

 There’s no destiny or fate, but with enough data about you, and also everything and everyone around you, I can calculate where you’re heading. Sometimes it’s exactly where you’d want to be, and other times it’s not. Either way, it’s where you’re going. 

 Now, to the more interesting and creative part of my job. I accelerate those happenings. You’re heading towards riches and wealth, I can work with you and the world in subtle ways to accelerate that. Unfortunately, I also do the same if you’re heading for financial ruin. 

 Why? Maybe it sounds odd, but it’s to help you. Yes, even that financial ruin. The more you experience in your life, the more you’ll learn. A lot of times, you hate me when you’re in a body, but when you die, you always understand.


 Ok, I know that ended abruptly. I couldn’t make up my mind, but I think there’s a really awesome idea here. Imagine a story like Monsters, Inc. The real monsters that scare children, and that it’s this huge corporation. I was picturing that, but with angels walking around with clipboards (not animated though). 

 The twist I was debating was to have it so one person on earth can suddenly see him. And this whole monologue is the angel trying to explain things to him. Teaching him. 

 But, then I thought it might be more interesting to just see how this angel manipulates small details that improve or derail people’s lives. 

 Then, showing years down the line of how those events ultimately proved to enhance people’s lives. Everything happening for a reason to help. It could be a nice story.

What do you think?

 If this were a movie, would you check it out? 

Leave your thoughts, your own story beginning/ending, flash-fiction, or whatever in the comments! Where did precipitate or my story take you?

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