Funny & Patient!

He was funny, patient and understood my learning style rather than making me need to fit his style. Even when I got frustrated, he was there to walk me through it and I ended up understanding the material and getting a good grade in the class – thanks!

Highly Recommend!

Derek has been tutoring my son all through high school including 4 years of math from Algebra to Calculus AB, along with Chemistry and Physics. He has a great rapport with my son. He’s extremely likable and easy going. Derek cares about his students and builds their confidence. I highly recommend him.

Interactive and Accommodating!

My son enjoys his sessions with Derek. It is very interactive. Derek has the ability to simplify and explain concepts/theories/problems. He has also been quite accommodating with our crazy schedule. Thank you Derek!

Incredibly Informative

Derek is incredibly informative. He has a real talent for making difficult concepts seem simple and easy to understand. My daughter typically hates math, but her skills and her understanding of math have definitely improved since she started tutoring with Derek. She has a lot more interest in the subject now.

Exceedingly Satisfied Parent!

Derek is an amazingly diverse tutor. No matter what the subject or level within, for which I have called him, he has always been able to tutor my kids…starting with high school in 2014 with my son and continuing with my daughter who is now in college. The grade difference and the understanding of the subject each of my kids experienced was marked. Derek is patient and his interest in my children went beyond just tutoring. He provided support and instilled confidence in them on the subject matter. I would and do recommend him to any parent who mentions the need, with as much confidence as is humanly possible. I will stop here but not because there is not more to say….from algebra to Calculus; AP Chemistry to college level Chem; AP Physics, etc., he has helped my kids and in particular my daughter who has maintained a 4.0 average in every subject including those where Derek had to step in to make up for a professor who just could not teach…