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The Toy Rocket (Podcast Episode 1)

Chapter 1: Reality

George came back to reality with a snap, prompted by his granddaughter Ella giggling to some unknown joke. He came to from a daydream, from some distant world and usually when this happens, nothing is remembered about what the heck we were daydreaming about; but, this time, there was no chance of that.

He was in a World of nostalgia, of “what if,” of regret. He didn’t want to regret his life choices, as he was a genuinely happy man. It was more of the sense that he could’ve had it all. All the happy bits, and none of the drudgery that he accepted, and made the best of in life. He was sitting on the floor watching Ella crawl across the floor pausing at each toy, block, and really any object, to inspect it with that unique blend of curiosity and wonder rarely seen in anyone over the age of 18!

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That’s One Small Step

Let me start by saying, if you haven’t already, first listen to The Podcast (Episode 1: The Toy Rocket) or read the full story located in the previous Blog Post. This post will cover the main takeaway idea from “The Toy Rocket,” as well as provide action steps to implement the idea over the next month. Alright, here we go! 

The Main Idea:  Just Do It 

(thank you, Nike)

The central message, or lesson, in this first story is to not spend forever trying to make your ideas perfect. Do not wait for the ideal pathway to open up before you. The idea is to just get started, right now. 

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The $100K Mistake

Millennials. I love ’em. They are doing everything they were taught to do, which is not necessarily the same thing their parents and grandparents were taught to do and did. I am on the edge of the Millennial cusp, and I think I have similar values (values I was taught). Do what you love. Follow your heart. Live passionately (All great advice!). Yet, our school system is not designed to nurture this. And so, most students enter college lost and many leave college still lost, still searching. Some find their way to a major and career they love that lets them live passionately, but most do not. Most leave college still searching (around 2/3 of them!), with either themselves or their parents racking up a very large bill in the process. It is the $100K decision and 66% of the time it is the $100K fail. (The average I calculated for tuition costs over 4-years was $87,613 not including room and board, books, and all the rest … if you look at the highs, you can reach well over $200K in 4-years easily) Continue reading The $100K Mistake

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     Welcome to my new pursuit as THE Roaming Scholar! I want to jump right in and introduce you to a program I created to teach the concept of “Life Design” which I call, The Architect Program. It’s about approaching your life as an Architect would approach designing a building. What are the steps? What are the questions? Where do we begin? The tools most students have for figuring out career paths and college majors are usually simple quizzes. These never worked for me, and they’re also missing some other fundamental questions that need answering. So, I created a process for myself after I graduated to help figure out what I wanted to do with my life, which has now become The Architect Program.

     Now, I don’t want to only explain what this program is about; I want to show you. The program consists of 5 sessions (one-on-one online sessions) each around an hour long. I’m offering the first lesson FREE for anyone that wants to give it a try. It’s for anyone who wants to start figuring out what they want in life and how to get it. On top of the free session, the first 10 sign-ups will also receive a coupon code to continue the program, so you’re not paying for that first session at all. I want my students to try it because I’m confident that they will LOVE it and want to complete the rest of the course. So, use the link below to sign up for your FREE session and introduction to The Architect Program.


     I also encourage you to explore the rest of the website and to contact me with any questions you may have. Learn about Life Coaching, the why, how, and what, here. Learn more about the upcoming Podcast, launching September 5th, 2018, here. I hope to see you for your FREE introduction into The Architect ProgramAnd, on a sentimental note, thank you to all of you who were a part of my Roaming Scholars journey over the last six years!

Life is about growth, and I’m a big fan of change. I hope you join me in this next chapter. 

All my best,