I’m a Seeker and Teacher of new paths and perspectives for living the life of your dreams!



     I’m going to write this “about me” as if it’s a cover letter on my resume, and you are looking to hire me to be your coach. Am I the right fit for you? Perhaps, and perhaps not. I want to think I can work with anyone and that I can reach anyone, but I also know that I couldn’t hire just anyone to be my coach. Also, I do want what’s best for you, period, and if that means you would prefer to work with someone else, then you should do it. That’s why there are so many people coaching and why there should be so many. It’s like all relationships, some click and some don’t. Ok, let me get to it.

     I want to start by telling you about my Super Power. That special something that I identify as my greatest ability. I may not have magical abilities like Harry Potter (I wish!), but my power is unique none the less. I can see/find/work out, new paths and new perspectives for anything better than anyone. Whether it’s finding out what your dream is, or how to get there, or how to understand a political issue, I hear one perspective, or two, and then I can find five others. That’s why you’ll never hear me say that your dream can’t be achieved, or your dream is impractical. I not only believe I KNOW there is always a way to figure out whatever problem we need to figure out. Even if you already have a dream and you think you have the pathway laid out, I’ll find you a few other possible paths, and some might also be shortcuts. That’s my Super Power, and I want to put it to some good use by helping you create a fantastic life for yourself.

     My Super Power is what I believe makes me creative and love to write stories, write songs and compositions. Being able to see different perspectives, makes me want to showcase those different ideas in different ways. So, instead of giving a speech about dreams, I’d prefer to write a musical that delivers that speech more entertainingly. Instead of just talking about ideas to help you pursue your dreams, I’d more enjoy creating a Podcast where I tell stories that have messages to help you stay focused on your goals. The other end of my personality that pairs with my Super Power is this NEED to Teach. So, as much as I love writing, I need my writing to teach something. I need the songs I write to have a purpose. It’s who I am, and it took me a while to find out who I am, but these are a couple of the things I want to help you figure out through The Architect Program and Coaching.

     Living life against your Super Power, or not understanding it, and living life without that NEED or purpose was what lead to all my confusion in my teens and early twenties. I couldn’t decide on a Major in College changing three times, and after College didn’t have the desire to pursue my degree in Biomedical Engineering any further. I thought it would be cool to design Prosthetics (what I thought I would do with my degree), but I ultimately had no fire in me to run after it. I thought there was something wrong with me for a long time. This is the reason why I feel so drawn to Coaching and Teaching these things because I don’t want others feeling that confusion, self-doubt, and anxiety that comes with not understanding yourself.

     It took time, lots of research, working with an amazing Coach myself, and a great deal of self-reflection to figure it all out. One of the major things I figured out is that we’re never going to have everything figured out. My path has changed and will change again probably several times in the future, but I know my purpose, and I know my Super Power. I know how to use them, and the outlet (writing, coaching, music, etc.) doesn’t matter as much as the other two things matter. I’m happy knowing I’m working in Harmony with who I am. I’m happy working, and if I become bored or not as excited with this venture here, I will know that it’s time to re-examine things and to find the next avenue that will showcase my purpose and Super Power even more. I want you to feel this happiness and contentment with wherever you are and with whatever you are doing.

     I feel I have many accomplishments in my life so far. I started a successful tutoring company that I ran for six years. I helped hundreds of students succeed in the classroom and hopefully left them with some extra wisdom as they pursue their dreams. I also started a rock band, with original songs written by myself, where we played around Long Island and NYC. To me, though, my most significant accomplishment is figuring out the things I want to help you figure out: My Super Power, My Purpose, My BIG Dreams, finding Love, living Healthy, living Happy. I look forward to working with you!

All my best,