Design Your Life: Like an Architect (BEYOND!)


This course teaches a process for discovering the things you want in life, and how to get it. No one can give you the answers to what your life will be in the future, but this course will get you heading down the path you truly desire. As you experience more of life, this course, and this process, will be there with you to fine-tune your journey every step of the way. It’s not about having one answer, but having a tool to give you the answers whenever you need them.

Course Includes:

  • Step-By-Step Course-Book (76 page PDF with space to work on exercises)
  • Five Emails (delivered daily, but no rush!) with additional details, additional exercises, and extra tips on each part of the course-book
    • Rather than update the coursebook continuously, I chose to update these emails.
  • Direct email support-you’re not alone in this
  • The Archives (password-protected page of additional resources)
  • Access to “Graduates Only” monthly newsletter


  • 24- Online, one-on-one, live meetings with Derek (once a week for 6 months) to ensure the best results from the course and beyond! (60 Minutes each session)
  • Derek will help you come up with different and unique ideas and help you go deeper into the exercises in the DYL coursebook
  • Then, we’ll take your results from the DYL coursebook and implement them into your life.
  • Derek will help you overcome pitfalls and add an important level of accountability to your actions.

In Design Your Life:  Like an Architect (course-book), you’ll have exercises, instructions, tips, and space within the book to work on the exercises.
The Archives (included in the book at the end of each Part) include additional resources to help you through the exercises if you’re stuck.


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