The Architect Program (BEYOND!)


The Architect Program downloadable coursebook (pdf) +

6 Months of One-on-One, live, video sessions with Derek (Zoom … like Skype or Facetime but better 👍)

This is for taking things to the next level!

In this option, you’ll have 4, weekly, one-hour sessions with Derek every month for 6 months! (24 sessions)

We’ll cover the entire Architect Program, and then get you moving towards your goals and dreams. Email support the whole way through of course!


The coursebook is a 76-page pdf document and includes all exercises, instructions, tips, and space within the book to work on the exercises.
The Archives (included in the coursebook): additional resources to help you through the exercises if you’re stuck.
6 FULL MONTH OF EMAIL SUPPORT from Derek. Ask questions if you’re stuck, want help, or even just a nod that you’re heading in the right direction!

Plus: 4, one-on-one, live meetings with Derek every month for 6 months to ensure the best results from the program and that we put your dreams into action! (60 Minutes Each – 24 total sessions)

Derek will help you come up with different and unique ideas and help you go deeper into the exercises. Also, if you’re falling into some of the common pitfalls, Derek will be able to notice and help you out of it quickly. Even with all the tips and “warnings” that are in the coursebook, it’s still easy to fall into those traps of faulty thinking.

Then… we get into putting your Architect Program results into action. We can do this as we go through the program, or after we have the results. It depends on the situation and the person. I’ll make sure you have different ways to put your plans into action and help you along the way to overcome any fears, doubts, worries that may stop you from moving forward. Your life will be drastically different after these 6 months… in all the ways you outlined in The Architect Program… so in all the best ways!