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Who’s Who?


Hello and welcome to TRSP… my name is Derek and I am TRS.

Can you believe that it’s almost been a year? This will be the last episode of Season 2… and the last episode before my Podcast here reaches a year old. 

I want to just say a quick thank you to everyone who has listened from the beginning, to new listeners chiming in today, and people listening to this in 5 years from now. I hope I’ve done what I’ve aimed to do, and filled your days with something good. 

Today, there’s a mystery afoot… a man killed in his home before a charity event he would be hosting. Four suspects, meet one detective. Was it The Florist? The Chef? The Musician? Or The Right Hand Lady?  Continue reading Who’s Who?

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I want to jump right into the story as quick as possible today, but first I want to thank everyone who voted on Instagram, Facebook, through the Podbean app, and via text to make today’s episode the winner. 

Just so you’re aware though… even though I gave you the first chapter to the story in the previous episode, the story has changed, this way it’ll be a fresh story right from the very beginning for everyone. I removed the initial restriction of having to start with the story starter I had, and opened up the story to where I saw it going when I wrote that first chapter. I took elements from that first chapter and included them throughout the story in different spots, so you might notice them. 

Anyway! You get the idea. So, without further ado… the story of “The Three-Legged Knight” awaits you, and I hope it makes you laugh at least once. 

Let’s get to it! Continue reading THE THREE-LEGGED KNIGHT

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Last week I reached out on Social Media for you all to post a story starter for me. A one-sentence opening line to a story. I really loved all of them. Some were serious, some made me laugh out loud, and today I’m going to use those story starters to illustrate something that I think is one of the most important ideas when it comes to creating anything. From writing a story to writing your own story.

So, today, to illustrate this idea, you’re going to hear (read) Continue reading YOU WILL NEVER…

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Today I’m going to go back to basics and deliver to you a short story. If you’ve been following along you might have noticed that I haven’t released an episode in a few weeks now. I’ve been consumed with writing my novel and it’s been hard to take a break. The other reason is the couple episodes I started writing, I didn’t love. So, I let them be and let them go, which is part of what I’m going to talk about later.  Continue reading THE MAN FROM NOWHERE

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Today is episode 4 of season 2 and the continuation of my journey towards writing my first novel. 

At the bottom of this blog post are the next 4 or 5 chapters for you all to read. Just so you’re aware, the writing I release is mostly unedited. When I write, I like to write it all down and then go back later to fix and edit. So, just keep that in mind and don’t judge any grammar errors too harshly. If you want the first few chapters of the novel, check out the previous episode/post. 

Now, this whole thing started for a few reasons, and one of them, which you might remember from episode 1, is Continue reading SHOW AND TELL