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Ripples: Part 1 (Podcast Episode 3)


The headlines on the newsstands all said it was, “The End” in one way or another. The end of days, of Earth, of Humanity. It was a bleak sight to see before entering her office building, and the energy from the people inside gave the impression that it had already happened. People were walking like zombies. Heads down, moving slowly, which was strange for NYC. When Taylor got to her floor, she was the first one there as always and welcomed the silence, the stillness, and the lack of “doomsday energy.” It had been a whole month since, “The Vision,” which is all anyone called it now, and Taylor definitely felt like the oddball around as she was still going about her life in a relatively normal fashion. While others were building bunkers and putting together life insurance policies, Taylor was still doing what she did best: plan events. And, the apparent approach of the end of the world brought in a lot of business as people wanted to party and they weren’t holding anything back monetarily. Taylor was in a meeting with a new client going over ideas for their 8-year anniversary party when Taylor’s assistant opened the office door and walked in with purpose to her stride. Continue reading Ripples: Part 1 (Podcast Episode 3)

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The Missing Sheriff (Podcast Episode 2)

“The Missing Sheriff”

Chapter 1: The Boy Behind the Scenes

The town had one road. It was an important road as it led to somewhere important and it came from somewhere important, but this little town that sprouted up somewhere in the middle existed, it seemed, just for travelers to pass through. Some would stop, and stay a little while, to maybe rest, grab a drink, or sometimes trade or buy supplies, but they always left soon enough. The appearance of the buildings lining this road told the story of a town and of a people barely holding on. Crooked shutters, broken windows, people walking looking down at the ground, and an empty abandoned Sheriff’s station. No one had stepped foot in that station for years, and the build-up of dust and dirt on the windows made it obvious. Yet, this crummy old town in the mid-west was called home to a small group of people. One of which was a young man they called Parker.

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The Toy Rocket (Podcast Episode 1)

Chapter 1: Reality

George came back to reality with a snap, prompted by his granddaughter Ella giggling to some unknown joke. He came to from a daydream, from some distant world and usually when this happens, nothing is remembered about what the heck we were daydreaming about; but, this time, there was no chance of that.

He was in a World of nostalgia, of “what if,” of regret. He didn’t want to regret his life choices, as he was a genuinely happy man. It was more of the sense that he could’ve had it all. All the happy bits, and none of the drudgery that he accepted, and made the best of in life. He was sitting on the floor watching Ella crawl across the floor pausing at each toy, block, and really any object, to inspect it with that unique blend of curiosity and wonder rarely seen in anyone over the age of 18!

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