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An Exercise in Dreaming

How can we dream bigger? The key is to leave behind any beliefs that something isn’t possible; to put aside the practical and reasonable; put aside the logical and just dream. The very nature of our dreams is to be playful and at times extremely unrealistic. That’s what dreams are. If we are cutting in with thoughts of logic and practicality we are no longer dreaming fully. So, here’s a little something you can do to dream BIG and uncover some of the things you may want in your life that you might be holding back from chasing due to fears or your beliefs that it might not be possible. Let’s do this!

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Acting a Fool

    The biggest obstacle we will always face is fear. If there is any reason we are not living our lives the way we desire, it is because of fear. Fear stops us from taking action. Fear makes us take strange and many times self-sabotaging actions. As the title for chapter 1 of Ripples: Part 2 said, “Fear makes fools of us all.” The first important part there is, “us all.” Everyone gets afraid. Everyone. Some just know how to deal with it better than others. Some have learned how to act when they are afraid because they know this fear is all that lies between where they are and where they want to be. But the other important part, the part we will be focused on, is how fear makes us turn into fools.

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Being Your Best

After some careful consideration, I determined that I couldn’t say what I said at the end of the Podcast any better, so I’m going to start this blog post with repeating those words and then adding action steps you can follow to help you create some amazing ripples this month. 

From the Podcast:

The title of the story, “Ripples,” gives a little hint about the takeaway idea I was aiming for here. It’s the idea that all of our choices in life, our actions, and in-actions, big and small, create ripples in our World that extend far beyond the moment; and usually far beyond what we might be able to see or imagine right now.

I think this is an important idea when it comes to thinking about whether or not to pursue that dream or to wait a little while. Whether to do the right thing or the easy thing. Whether or not to show love and kindness, or anything else but that.

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The Sheriff of The Mind

     I’m going to start by restating a few things for anyone who has listened to the full podcast episode (Episode 2:  The Missing Sheriff). I just couldn’t say it any better than I did there. After that, I’ll add some more details and ideas, plus at the end, there is the downloadable worksheet to help you accomplish your task this month. Let’s get to it! 

The story was written as one big analogy, with idea that the town is like your mind, or your World around you, and you are the Sheriff. You control what comes into your mind, your World, and what doesn’t.  Continue reading The Sheriff of The Mind

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That’s One Small Step

Let me start by saying, if you haven’t already, first listen to The Podcast (Episode 1: The Toy Rocket) or read the full story located in the previous Blog Post. This post will cover the main takeaway idea from “The Toy Rocket,” as well as provide action steps to implement the idea over the next month. Alright, here we go! 

The Main Idea:  Just Do It 

(thank you, Nike)

The central message, or lesson, in this first story is to not spend forever trying to make your ideas perfect. Do not wait for the ideal pathway to open up before you. The idea is to just get started, right now. 

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