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(5/5) ACTION – The Machine of Life

The Architect Program covers five major parts to design our life. Including putting our plan into Action!

Bring it back around

Your blueprint is in your hand! Holy cow, batman! Galloping gargoyles! Golly gee… ok, I’ll stop. Seriously though, it’s an incredible feeling when we finish a creation of any kind. And finishing a blueprint for our lives… even more so! But, now what? As the architect, what do we do next? Well… it’s time to build the thing! It’s time to put our plan into action and see our design come to life. Building something, though, is a whole other process that ends up opening up a new round of questioning. Just like how we started in part 1, we need to ask, “Where do we begin?” The answer:  The Foundation.

What does that mean for our lives, then? It means we start with The Architect. We start with ourselves. This alone is a big topic, but there are two main things we focus on in The Architect Program. The first and easiest thing to do is to just go and live. Go experience, go try and go try again. Find new things to do, new things to think about, and new people to talk to. It will change you, and when we change The Architect, the design we initially thought was perfect, might need some adjusting. That’s actually great! My design has altered over the years and has become better and better each time. “So, what’s the second thing, Derek?”

The Machine

With all the incredible things in our blueprint, we want to set ourselves up so we can achieve it all. The best way I know how to do this is to set up habits. Our habits, allow us to achieve amazing things with a feeling of ease. I was able to write an 80,000 page first draft of my novel in 4 months, and I barely broke a sweat doing it. Ok, there were a few moments of self-doubt and hurdles to overcome, but the majority of it was made so much easier because of a simple habit. I would start my day, every day, with an hour and a half of writing. If I did more that day, great. If not, perfect. If I wrote 2,000 words, awesome. 10 words, fine. It was a habit I set up, and it made the writing process easier and inched me towards my goal every single day.

It’s like having this incredible machine that works alongside us, and we get the opportunity to change out pieces and parts to keep it running efficiently and to help us produce the results we want. Habits, once they’re set, become instinctual and they make certain tasks and goals easier to get done and achieve. Want to learn the piano? Set a habit. Want to get in shape? Set a habit. Want to be better with your relationships? Set a habit. Set two habits. Get your machine running and you’ll be able to watch as all your wildest dreams, all your plans, sketches, and your blueprints, become a reality!

It’s Time!

The Architect Program covers five major parts to design our life. Including putting our plan into Action!

Download The Architect Program coursebook, and when you finish the exercises in Part 5 you’re going to feel ready to put your plans into action! We’ll discuss how to find the habits you’d like to form, how to form them and even the idea of “bundling.” Oh! And once you finish part 5, there’s a graduation present waiting for you. Something exclusive, just for the grads, to help you on your road to fulfilling your purpose, and your desires. The journey doesn’t stop here, I promise!

Need more convincing? No, you don’t. But if you like additional reading… visit The Architect Program page 😃 

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(4/5) CAREERS – The Buffet of Life

The Architect Program covers five major parts to design our life. Including our Careers!

Let’s Sketch Our Careers!

If you were an architect, at this stage in the process you would have all the information you need. You’d have all the details, the purpose, and the tools you have to work with. Now what? It’s time to start imagining and dreaming and forming buildings in your mind. Then, sketching different structures out before you that incorporate all those pieces we talked about earlier. And you wouldn’t settle on your first idea either. You would try new approaches, new designs, add details, subtract details. How many sketches would be enough? Enough is when you feel it. When the right one hits you… yes, that one… the perfect design sketched out before you. Your heart fluttering with the excitement of it and you stare at it, marvel at it. It’s incredible! Beautiful! Perfect!

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(3/5) INTERESTS – The Play of Life

The Architect Program covers five major parts to design our life. Including our Interests!

Let’s Imagine

Ok, let’s step back into our imagination. We are an Architect. We’ve outlined the purpose of our design, and all the details we want to include in it. It’s really starting to take shape in our mind, but now we need to start considering how we’re going to put it all together into one design. The first part of that answer is just knowing what tools we have at our disposal to work with. For our life:  What interests us? Notice, I didn’t say, “What are we good at?” 

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(2/5) DESIRES – The Color of Life

The color of life. The Architect Program covers five major parts to design our life. Including our Desires!

Why now? Why 2nd and not 5th?

Part 2 in The Architect Program is all about our desires, about the finer things in life (picturing myself with a cigar, glass of whiskey, and a robe by the fire… lol). Ok, but seriously, why do we need to focus on our desires? And why now? 

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(1/5) PURPOSE – Your Compass in Life

Why is it so important to know?

In the first part of The Architect Program, we talk about our Purpose. The reason? Because the first thing we need to understand when designing or planning anything is… why are we doing it in the first place? 

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